A Delightful Discovery on Shades Crest Road

A little closer view of the Perch

The Yancey Residence construction by Ruff Reams Building Company is progressing well. What started as a fun sketch session is blooming into a source of real joy. Bart & Danielle Yancey have always been the type of client an architect hopes to find. They are open minded , honest, interested in great design and have great taste to boot. The architect is always challenged with listening well and interpreting a client’s needs, wants and understanding of the process. It is natural to have to illuminate what the architect does as well as the what it is that is placed in front of them to visualize about their building project. Not everyone understands or visualizes as well as the architect by the very nature of the art and science of design but every once in a while the architect and client find this common ground and can make something unique happen together. As the forms, surfaces, volume and light come together in the construction of this home, I’m delighted to discover that we’ve found that common ground together.

The exterior finishes are nearing completion and the interior spaces are getting full attention. Roofing, stucco over brick, windows and chimney pots are in place as are the wood bracket supports at the Garage overhang and the iron supported copper awning at the front entrance is under fabrication. The “Perch” is visible in final form as you travel along Shades Crest from 31 and it peeps out between the trees. Loving how that has turned out. I’m looking forward to the interior finishes as they begin the completion of this journey.

The Perch

View from Shades Crest of the front of the house

View from the rear yard

From the rear yard the main chimney pots are visible beyond

Interior view from the Perch. This is looking down Shades Crest Rd towards Hwy 31

View of new Dining Room

View of entry to front porch

The Dining Room and Garage are visible beyond from the front

In the next phase I will begin to upload some interior shots as they unfold.

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